Published On November 22, 2021
Published By Chief Editor

Why do intelligent people like to spend time by themselves?

For you and me and Science says that socializing more tends to make you happier. We all know it by the experience, and we laugh a lot in herds. Is not it true? Relationships, Friendships, family all make our time enjoyable as humans.

There is a different viewpoint when it comes to highly intelligent people. They do enjoy the companionship however the socializing with friends actually not the main factor in the satisfaction of life for this community.

Let’s try to understand what causes this phenomenon.

Smart people quickly adapt to complex situations, so they don’t really depend on other people to break it down for them and this is common for benefits of staying in close connection with social groups for meals, lodging, security, and many more are no longer relevant for these people as they are self-sufficient to get these needs fulfilled.

Another point is when you are a smart person, you tend to have long-term goals. Your focus stays intact on long-term goals. The more you spend time socializing means you are not getting your tasks done for your long-term goal. This will become a cause of being unhappy because you are getting distracted from your focus.

Law of attraction

This is a popular belief in our society nowadays where if you believe something strongly and act towards it you will receive it based on universal forces in simple terms. Usually, if you set something in mind strongly then often, you will find a way to achieve your goal. Positive thinking is coupled with positive actions will drive you to great results or almost what you desire. Now let’s turn our heads to intelligent people.

Relate those goals to a group of people, It just takes one person to say that this cannot be done. You will quickly infuse some negative energy into the team. Did you get why most intelligent people prefer to be alone? They would like to work on their positive energy to get the problem solved rather than adding some negativity from other people.

Solving problems

In the past, we rely on teams to solve problems. But with the evolution we have improved our innate abilities of solving complex problems by ourselves. This is mainly aided by latest technology, better education, and more resource availability. Now we are marching towards two heads concept to too many cooks spoil the soup concept. This is because it is much easier to focus when you are working alone than in group of people. Obviously, we can seek support of friends where we need expertise of people.

After all these points, Socializing is important because still we are social beings. We should get out and explore the world and try some exciting things. It will help to break away from all seriousness of life. It will relax your mind and ease the work pressure.

If you like to spend time alone by reading some good books, exploring new skills, working on a tough projects, or working on your long-term goals don’t assume that you are a loner or anti-social. You could be smarter than us!

Let’s get some problems solved champ.

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