Published On November 29, 2021
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Become Fearless – Find out How

Fear is another most discussed feeling in the world. It takes many forms such as “I’m just being careful”, “I am taking my time”, “I’ve tried it before and couldn’t figure it out”. There are some smart ways to put it out “ Many has failed, and I want to make sure that I will start it perfect”. You will have a ton of such examples to fill this article.

If you examine a fearful thought that they some similarity in tier formation. Many of these have either an explanation or justification for why something cannot be done. These are all related to quitting or not being started. Fearful thoughts hold you back like a leash on an energetic dog. A critic that tells you why these things don’t work because they are unrealistic, complex, or foolish. These feelings will not do goo good for you and interfere with desires, dreams, hopes, and progress.

Where do you start?

Fearful objections sound so reasonable when they are allowed to grow in your mind. Do not mix this up with attempting dangerous things which you aren’t qualified for. For example, you want to play for the Chicago Bulls team. You’re 40 years old, obese, just 5’5’’ tall. You must forget about it. This could be called toxic positivity. What we are discussing here are fears that directly interfere with your life day in day out. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of being unsuccessful etc is the dream snatchers. For example, thoughts like “ What will everybody think of me”, “I don’t think I can change myself”, “I don’t have time, budget, or confidence”,

Becoming fearless

Quick story

There was an insurance guy and his job is to sell insurance policies to people. He wanted to double his income out of the commissions however he had a fear that he can not call people on weekends. He was afraid that if he does it people would be mad at him. He fell short of his targets every month. One day he picked up the phone during the weekend. Surprisingly it paid off as many people were relaxed on the weekend and were able to talk with more clarity. His sales shot up and he was able to receive a bonus for his performance as well.

What can you do about it?

Recognize the fearful thoughts as and when they enter your mind. Try to counter it with why you should carry on rather than quitting or why you should start. It just takes some courage and little practice to master it. In this way, you can start doing it until these fearful thoughts disappear. The more you get control over these thoughts you will feel that life is becoming much easier and more fun.

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