Published On November 14, 2021
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This is what keeps you away from desired results

Do you familiar with the phrases like “I never get any break”, “I can’t help it, I’ve always been in that way”, “I will never be successful”, “I don’t have enough time.”? This is what we are going to talk about today. Everyone in the world has gone through this at least a single time in someday. All these thoughts get in our way if we are trying to achieve something in our lives.
Sometimes we repeat these lines too many times a day which will infuse so much negativity into our minds unintentionally. It will get registered in your mind when you do this for a certain amount of time, and it will become a huge mental barrier.

Let’s analyze the phrase that many of us go through frequently. “I don’t have enough time”. It implies that you don’t get things done on time frequently as you have a lot on your plate. Then another negative thought sneaked in as “I don’t have any time to lose”. Restlessness starts to kick in from there onwards. Do you see the chain of thoughts going around? You started with one phrase, but it sets fire to the whole block and imagine how does your day goes if you do it daily. Will these types of thoughts give you any joy? The effect of such a chain is strictly negative.

Now, look at yourself, what is your biggest limiting belief? Is it that you think that you are not good enough or lucky to have what you want to achieve in your life?. You might think that you are not deserved to be successful to other people control your life to a greater extent. Remember each time you encounter such a thought, whatever it is, it’s not worth keeping and certainly not worth defending yourself against it. This will put a wall between you and your desired goal.

How do we overcome it?

The good news is there is way to get rid of these negative thoughts which ultimately remove any negative impacts that carries with them.

  • Monitor how your thoughts flow

You will have to first understand how your brain is wired with these thoughts. If you start to observe how do your negative thoughts come alive? What is the most common time they are coming into your mind? Is there any specific place likewise you can explore your mind to start breaking these chains. You will start to see a possible cure once you are conscious of your thoughts.

  • Be rebellious and refuse to continue

when there is a negative thought simply refuse to continue. Make a firm commitment to yourself to stop reinforcing negative beliefs by discussing them. As familiar negativity comes to mind, gently dismiss as you would fly at a picnic. Don’t give it your valuable attention.

  • Replace the negative thought with a positive one

Even in our mind, there is a limited space to think, and you cannot think two thoughts at once. Start to make slight changes to your thinking. For example. If you come across “I don’t have time” just tweak it to “how can I make some time for it”. Everything takes time to be in control so does success. Practice makes things perfect.

In this way, you can save your energy for positive ideas and action. you’ll discover that abundance and joy will be right around the corner once you get rid of these negative thoughts consciously.

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