The benefits of nuts: vitamins and minerals they contain


Taking care of our health and staying healthy is one of the purposes to which more and more people are joining and, one of the key aspects of this is to eat a healthy diet.

The foods that we are going to include in our diet are going to be the key when it comes to our health being rewarded and that is why in recent years we are getting to know new foods and others are being revalued. In this case, we have to highlight the nuts, which contain many properties, vitamins, and minerals beneficial to our health.

Benefits and properties of nuts
Although we are accustomed to eating them as a snack or to accompany a beer or a drink, nuts have an infinite number of possible combinations even in our daily food recipes, whether in sweet or savory dishes.
Nuts are seeds that are low in the water and high in healthy fats, the kind that must be present in our diet. Of course, when consuming them we always have to opt for the raw version, without shell, and without salt, the more natural and unprocessed the better.

The main property of nuts is that they are high in slow-absorbing carbohydrates, which will mean that they are an excellent source to provide us with energy. It is ideal to take them before training or when we are going to do an activity that requires a lot of energy.

The carbohydrate content is highly variable depending on the type of dried fruit that we are going to eat. The walnuts, hazelnuts, and macadamias are those with a lower level of hydrates, so they are preferable if we want to keep our weight in check. On the contrary, the dried fruit that has more carbohydrates and more fats are cashews.

Lose weight
Although one of the properties of nuts is that they are very caloric, different studies have confirmed that adding nuts to the diet can give us benefits when it comes to losing weight. This is due to the fact that our body when we eat nuts, does not absorb all the fats they contain because it remains in the pulp that we will later expel through the feces.
Even so, it is recommended that if we are going to consume nuts to benefit from their properties we do so before 6 in the afternoon, since from this time our body lowers performance and it is possible that we get fatter than anything else.

Those with type II diabetes can get many benefits from nuts. This is so because, although nuts are high in carbohydrates, they are also high in fiber and this will ensure that we do not have a high peak in blood sugar.
Type II diabetes is a fairly common disease in today’s society and this, in most cases, appears due to the poor diet we have. Therefore, we have to include foods rich in minerals and vitamins such as nuts in our diet.

The nuts in their entirety are an excellent source to provide our bodies with minerals. These give us a boost of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus that will provide our body with antioxidant properties and will help us to stay younger, both inside and out.

As we have said before, nuts are natural antioxidants and this is because they have a high content of vitamins, especially vitamin D, which will be in charge of protecting cells from oxidation and aging.

Fiber is going to be in charge of keeping our appetite at bay, so nuts are highly recommended if we want to control our diet. On the other hand, as we all know, fiber will help us regulate intestinal transit.

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