Is fasting a bad way to lose weight?


The diets of fasting are one of the most popular today, although not everyone sees as the best solution when losing weight healthily. The current in favor ensures that they help to lose a few extra kilos in a healthy way, while there are those who say that in the long term they cause serious health problems. Then we explain if they are dangerous for the body and a bad option when it comes to losing weight.

Fasting as a method to lose weight
It can be fast for a couple of days a week or extend it over time.
There is a great difference with the other kinds of diets since fasting only seeks to stop eating for a period of time. Afterward, the fasting person can eat whatever he wants as long as he does it in a balanced and healthy way.

How fasting diets work
If you choose to go on a fasting-based diet, you can do it in three different ways:

Do not eat in a period of time that ranges between 12 and 18 hours.
On these days the calorie intake should be less than 500.
The third way is to eat nothing for a whole day.
It is fully proven that by following any of the three forms of fasting, you lose weight as there is a significant calorie limitation for the body.

Benefits of fasting diets
There is a fairly widespread current that defends tooth and nails this kind of diet. They ensure that in addition to losing weight in a healthy way, fasting itself can provide a series of benefits for the body. Proponents of fasting claim that stopping eating for a period of time helps lower blood sugar levels and lower the chances of suffering from certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Risks of fasting
However, despite this, there are many people who advise against fasting as a method when losing weight. Nutrition experts assure that with fasting you lose weight, but in the long term and when you stop fasting you regain those kilos. Apart from this, the diet based on fasting leaves the person with hardly any energy with all that this entails for the body.

Health problems related to fasting
The vast majority of nutrition experts agree that they advise fasting for an entire day. This fast is perfect when it comes to cleaning the body and eliminating a good amount of toxins.

However, fasting taken to the extreme is not good for your health. The famous intermittent fasting so fashionable in recent years is also inadvisable for health as it can affect brain function.

What about extreme fasts
What is really dangerous for health are the so-called extreme fasts. There are people who go on fasting for a day without taking anything, even water. This is really dangerous for health. The same happens with fasts that last for weeks since only liquids are consumed, causing serious problems at the digestive level.

In short, fasting as a diet is not at all advisable when it comes to losing weight. A balanced and healthy diet is what is needed when it comes to shedding those extra kilos without putting your own health at risk.


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