Hummus: benefits and properties that this puree brings you


Despite the fact that a few years ago this food was hardly known in Spain, today it is the most common to find it as part of the menu of any restaurant. And, although hummus is a food that comes from the Middle East, it has already conquered many western countries. Specifically, this dish consists of a chickpea paste that has lemon juice. However, in many places they do it instead of chickpea, using other ingredients such as lentils. In addition, this dish is usually presented with garlic, olives, paprika, and even vegetables. It all depends on where it is consumed.

In short, there is no doubt that it is presented as it is presented, this dish is a success and may be largely due to a large number of properties and benefits it contains.

What are its properties?
As is evident, chickpeas are the fundamental ingredient for the creation of this dish. Something that supposes that the amount of these is considerable and therefore, all the properties of this legume are enjoyed. Iron, carbohydrates, vegetable protein, vitamin B, potassium, fiber … Without a doubt, a great variety of fundamental and enriching properties for the body of any person.
In fact, it not only provides energy to the body but also improves digestion and the functioning of the nervous system. Therefore, it can be said that humus carries a large number of properties for those who consume it and that it is a very rich and peculiar way of consuming legumes; a fundamental food in any diet.

Hummus benefits
This food not only stands out for its great taste but also for the number of benefits it brings to those who consume it. Some of them are:

Antidepressant: Many experts have assured that the consumption of humus produces a state of happiness and well-being in those who consume it, which in turn becomes an effect against depression, stress, or situations of tension.

Improves digestion: Its high fiber content allows better digestion and therefore, the reduction of constipation or stomach problems.

Health for the bones: This dish supposes a contribution of protein for those who decide to consume it. Therefore, the bones are more strengthened and have the necessary properties to guarantee their good health.

Energy contribution: Not only because of its protein content but also because of its carbohydrate content, hummus is an energy boost.

Reduces the chances of getting cancer: Specifically, colon and lung cancer. This is because humus has certain properties that prevent the onset of this harmful disease that affects so many people today.

Improves the skin: Not only with creams can a healthy and rejuvenated skin be guaranteed. In fact, food influences much more than people realize. Specifically, the consumption of humus allows you to enjoy much more cared for the skin as it provides antioxidants that delay its aging.

Prevents anemia: At present, many people suffer from a lack of iron or what is the same, anemia. This problem must be treated as soon as possible so as not to lead to much more negative consequences. Therefore, the consumption of humus is an opportunity to not only reduce anemia but also prevent its appearance. The reason is that, as mentioned above, this plate contains a large contribution of iron.

Types of humus exist

Although there are many varieties of hummus, the most demanded by the public and therefore

widespread traditional: It is the basic recipe for hummus. It has chickpeas, lemon juice, paprika, tahini, and cumin. In addition, it is necessary to add oil and garlic as well as water, in case the puree has been too pasty.

Spicy: To the traditional recipe you have to add some other spice that will give it that spicy touch that so many like. Chili pepper or chili are just some of the options that exist.

Avocado: With the basis of the first recipe, it will be necessary to take one more step and that is to include avocado that will give the pasta a smoother texture.

Without chickpeas: As previously mentioned, there are those who prefer to substitute the chickpeas with another ingredient. Specifically, a legume such as lentils. In this way, varieties of humus can be found while taking advantage of the properties that legumes provide.

In conclusion, there are many properties and benefits that this traditional and already widespread food provides. In addition, its preparation is simple. It will only be necessary to have the right ingredients to be able to carry out this original recipe. Therefore, there are no longer any excuses not to dare to try the dish that has already conquered so many people.

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