How do I know if I am doing the plank exercises correctly?


With the arrival of the heat, it is normal that you want to make a change of wardrobe. Those longer and thicker winter garments will be in the background, to give way to shorter and lighter ones such as summer ones. When you go to try on these dresses and shorts, you will likely see that they do not fit the same as last summer. This may be because, due to the low winter temperatures, you wanted to go out less or exercise, in addition to the fact that during this period we tend to be more hungry and eat more elaborate dishes in order to compensate for this fact, which it can help you gain extra pounds.

For this reason, when the end of spring or the beginning of summer arrives is when we become aware of these possible extra kilos that we have been able to acquire and we want to get rid of them, yes, always in a healthy and controlled way, since miracle diets They don’t exist and you shouldn’t starve or have a hard time just to lose weight. You should think about your health first and before you start to change your diet or do sports, it would always be convenient for you to contact a health professional in general, or nutrition and sports professional in particular.

Some probably don’t want to lose extra pounds, but would simply like to tone their muscles. With age or leading a sedentary life, especially those who work in an office all day sitting down, they will have noticed how some areas of their body no longer have as smooth skin as they used to. Some of these parts will be the triceps, the back of the biceps, the glutes, and the belly.

There are many exercises that you can perform both at home and in a gym in order to tone these muscles. Remember that even if you don’t want to lose weight, your diet must also be improved if you want to get results. People who have well-marked abs have them that way because they take good care of their diet and have a very strict diet, avoiding eating as much sugar as possible, drinking alcohol or sugary drinks, as well as pastries or other fatty foods.
Your goal is probably not so strict and you want to be able to eat a little of everything to enjoy the summer while losing those extra pounds or toning your muscles in order to stylize your figure. However, it would also be convenient that you eat a few fatty foods, pastries, sugars, and sugary drinks in order to achieve your goals as soon as possible. Take advantage of the summer to eat salads and all those fresh and healthy dishes, as well as fruits and vegetables of the season, to improve your eating habits and also your health.

If you have doubts about how to carry out a healthy and balanced diet so that you can reach your ideal weight or tone your muscles, properly combined with practicing sports in a moderate way, do not hesitate to contact a nutritional health professional, such as It can be an endocrinologist or a nutritionist, depending on your needs. Based on what you need, for example, losing a certain number of kilos, the food professional will be able to make you the best diet for you, combining it with the hours of sport that you are going to do.

This diet should become part of your life and, more than an obligation, it should be an adaptation to a new eating plan that will help you maintain the line and take care of your health for the rest of your life, without occasionally depriving yourself of certain foods. that you probably like a lot. This diet will not have immediate effects, like doing sports, but if you find a series of exercises that you like, you will see that over time, in addition to having fun while doing them, you will also begin to be aware of the changes in your body. Although you must be constant and have a lot of patience because, in the long run, you will see how it is worth it.

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