Get fit during the coronavirus quarantine


Home confinement due to the coronavirus is real, so we have to spend a lot of time at home. This does not mean that we have to change the development of our day to day, which would imply that our physical activity decreases, on the contrary. Maintaining, as far as possible, the usual routines and schedules as well as consistency in your physical exercise, is not only important for your body, but it is also a way to stay calm, channel frustrations, and spend time in a healthy and entertaining way.

This is something that Ricardo Losno, a doctor specializing in internal medicine, is trying to convey to the population: “The current situation cannot be an excuse to become sedentary. On the contrary, we should block at least thirty minutes a day from exercising, if possible always at the same time or similar, and even maintaining the routine that each one had until now, attending, especially those over 30 years of age, the need to exercise the muscle “.
Basically, what Ricardo wants to tell us is that we cannot allow ourselves to be lying on the couch all quarantine since. For this important reason, in this post, I bring you a 30-minute routine for you to exercise your body during quarantine at home.

Although you have to be aware that each body is a world, therefore, the capacities of each person vary and, the exercises and recommendations in the post are only to serve as a training guide, where you, who know your body, you have to be realistic and do what you can to avoid injury or overload.

First of all, warm-up exercises
Warm-up well before exercising as this will prevent your muscles and tendons from being injured. It also prepares your mind for training and makes physical activity more effective. Warm-up all your muscles through preparation exercises. You can find many videos on how to heat up on YouTube, ideally a 5-minute video.

We continue with cardio

There are endless ways to do cardio at home, here are some ideas so you can do at least 15 minutes of cardio every day.

Jump rope. Jump rope is an exercise that requires coordination of movements, balance, strength, and endurance. It is a very effective way to do intense exercise, requiring little time and a minimum of equipment
If you like to dance, do Zumba. Zumba is very complete, it can be practiced by both men and women and it is very beneficial as it increases your energy, improves coordination and physical condition, gives well-being to the body, reduces excess fat, reduces stress, and increases self-esteem. On YouTube, there are very good professionals like Nikfit Zumba, Zumba Class, or Saer Jose.
Practice a combination of cardio exercises. On Patry Jordan’s famous YouTube channel, Gymvirtual, you will find countless cardio videos of different intensities, depending on your level, and also of different durations.
Strength and agility exercises
It has infinite benefits such as the prevention of osteoporosis, the prevention of colds and diseases, which now comes in handy, it reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, as well as stress and anxiety.

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