5 shakes to start the day with energy


Getting up early is not a pleasure for most people, but an obligation that can play tricks on those who usually wake up on the wrong foot. In addition, the most normal thing is to wake up with more sleep than you felt before going to bed, so coffee is always usually the best solution to change your mood. But what if you swapped your usual breakfast for a delicious homemade smoothie? The recipes that we show you below not only provide extra energy, but they are prepared as quickly as possible so you don’t have to waste too much time in the kitchen.

Green smoothie
Although its name does not sound too appetizing, this fruit smoothie is delicious thanks to the fruits with which it is made and which are obviously green.

200 ml. skim milk
2 kiwis
1 green apple
1 small avocado

To prepare this perfect homemade juice to get extra energy in the morning, the first thing you will have to do is peel the apple.
Then remove the core and put it in the mixer.
Next, peel and chop the 2 kiwis and add them to the apple.
Finally, cut the avocado in half and remove the bone, being the best that it is well ripe so that you can remove the meat easily.
Add the avocado and the 200 milliliters of skim milk to the blender and blend everything until you have a homogeneous mixture.
If you like the smoothie to have that perfect texture, then it will be ready for you to drink. On the other hand, if you prefer it to be a little more liquid, you can add water little by little and beat until it has the consistency that you like.

Banana, oatmeal and cinnamon smoothie
Banana is a key ingredient in these types of energy shakes, so it can be used as a base for a large number of recipes.

300 ml. skim milk
3 tablespoons oat flakes
2 egg whites
1 large banana
1/2 natural yogurt
Cinnamon powder

This banana, oatmeal, and cinnamon smoothie are the simplest to prepare at home at breakfast time and you will have to start by separating the yolks from the whites of 2 eggs, the latter being the ones you will need. For its part, you can save the yolks or use them to prepare an omelet or scrambled eggs to accompany this smoothie.

Put the 2 egg whites in the blender and add the rest of the ingredients: the banana cut into slices, the 3 tablespoons of rolled oats, the 300 milliliters of skimmed milk, half of the natural yogurt, and ground cinnamon to taste.
The amount of cinnamon depends on the taste of each person, as there are those who like the smoothie to taste more or less like this spice.
Beat at maximum speed until the batter has a homogeneous consistency.
You can also add a little more skim milk to give it a more liquid consistency.

Mango and grapefruit smoothie
Both mango and grapefruit are two fruits of tropical origin that are characterized by their high sugar content – not in calories – which makes them the perfect ingredients when looking to get an energy boost.

4 oranges
1 mango
1 grapefruit

As you have seen, the ingredients that are needed to prepare this shake are very few and it is prepared very simply. It begins by squeezing the 4 oranges, needing an amount of 200 or 250 milliliters of juice. Next, peel the mango and cut it into pieces, doing the same with the grapefruit.

Finally, put the 3 ingredients in the blender and blend until you have your smoothie ready.

If when you taste it you consider that it is a bit bitter, do not hesitate to add a little honey or brown sugar to sweeten it. In addition, this recipe is also perfect to prepare a refreshing drink when the summer heat hits. Well, if you put the chopped mango and grapefruit in the freezer 1 hour before preparing the shake, it will be as fresh as possible.

Avocado and cocoa smoothie
This option is perfect for those people who are crazy about avocado and cannot start the morning without a delicious toast with this fruit.

250 ml. skim milk
1 tablespoon of defatted cocoa powder
1/2 avocado

The first step will be to open the avocado in half and remove the seed, putting half of the fruit in the blender. You can reserve the other half to repeat the shake the next morning or take advantage of it to prepare a delicious toast.
Next, you just have to add the 250 milliliters of skim milk and the tablespoon of cocoa powder before beating everything at maximum speed. When they no longer have lumps, you will have it ready to start your morning.
In addition, you can also add a little honey to give the drink a sweeter touch or use a little more semi-skimmed milk if you want it to have a less thick texture.

Banana and date smoothie
Delicious and refreshing, this shake will not only make you start the day with a smile due to its extra energy supply, but it will put you in a good mood just with its flavor.

250 ml. oatmeal drink
2 dried dates
1 banana
1 tablespoon of honey


Peel the banana and cut it into slices to put it in the blender along with the 2 dried dates previously pitted.
Then add the 250 milliliters of oatmeal drink – or any other vegetable drink – and the tablespoon of honey.
Blend everything for a few minutes and you will have your banana and dates smoothie ready for breakfast. Of course, if you put it in the fridge for 10 minutes before taking it, it will be much better.

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