5 easy, quick and healthy detox juices


Whether due to stress, health problems, or simply a few days of excessive eating, there are many reasons why the body should be subjected to a detoxification process.

However, a very simple way to follow a detox plan is to opt for homemade juices, which are not only prepared in the blink of an eye but will surprise you with their delicious flavor. Here are some suggestions for detox shakes with which you are sure to get your body back to full power.

1. Celery and broccoli detox juice
This shake stands out for its diuretic capacity since more than 90% of its content is water due to the ingredients used to prepare it. These are as follows:

250 gr. broccoli
3 sticks of celery
1 red apple
Start by washing the 250 grams of broccoli with plenty of tap water and then divide it into bunches that you must add to the blender. Next, do the same with the 3 stalks of celery: wash them to remove any traces of soil and then chop them into pieces before adding them to the broccoli.
Finally, peel the red apple, remove the core, and also add it to the mixer. Finally, put the lid on and blend everything for a few minutes until the ingredients have been completely integrated. If it has been too thick you can also add a little semi-skimmed milk until the juice has the texture you want.

2. Ginger and turmeric juice
Spices are essential in the kitchen, but most of them have such relevant health benefits that they can also be consumed directly in the form of infusions or juice, such as the one indicated below and for which you will need:

2 oranges
1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
1 teaspoon ground turmeric
Chopped fresh parsley
To prepare this detox juice you will need a piece of fresh ginger, which you will have to peel and then chop or grate. When you have it ready, put it in a blender and also add the coffee tablespoon of turmeric powder and the chopped fresh parsley.

Finally, peel the 2 oranges and add them to the rest of the ingredients before grinding everything. This shake, in addition to being detox, also has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to ginger and turmeric. In addition, it is also recommended for those who suffer from across, digestive problems or diseases that affect breathing.

3. Kale and spinach juice
This shake is one of the most complete as it is highly nutritious, and its ingredients include:

200 gr. of red fruits
100 gr. spinach
100 gr. by kale
1/2 stalk of celery
Lemon juice
Rinse the celery stalk under the tap to remove any dirt and grime, then cut it into slices before putting it in the blender. Then wash the 100 grams of spinach leaves and the 100 grams of kale leaves as well, adding them to the celery along with a splash of lemon juice.

Finally, add the red fruits, being able to choose the ones you like best -blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, currants …- or making a mixture of several. Blend everything until the ingredients have come together and added a little water until the juice has the right texture. Take advantage!

4. Cucumber and apple juice
The benefits of this shake are twofold, as it is not only perfect for helping the body to cleanse itself, but it is perfect for those who suffer from regular episodes of constipation. To prepare it you only need:

2 green apples
1 cucumber
1 branch of parsley
1/2 lemon
Spinach or kale leaves
Fresh ground ginger
The first step to prepare this cucumber and apple detox juice and laxative, which is also delicious, will be to peel the 2 hands and remove the core. Next, wash the cucumber with plenty of tap water, chop it up and add it too.
Squeeze the half lemon and add the juice to the rest of the ingredients along with the parsley branch and a handful of the green leaves that you have chosen. Finally, peel the ginger root and grind it, adding 1 tablespoon to the blender. Blend everything for a couple of minutes until you have a completely homogeneous juice without any lumps.

5. Pumpkin juice
If what you are looking for is a recipe that not only helps you cleanse the body but also gives you an extra supply of energy, this is yours. Its ingredients are the following:

50 grams of pumpkin
1 banana
1 slice of celery
1 teaspoon ground ginger
To prepare this detox juice, the pumpkin must be raw, because you just have to peel it and remove the seeds before putting it in the blender slightly chopped.

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