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I remember the first sentence I ever wrote in my very first blog! It seems like a long time ago. Yet had I not written that first sentence, I wouldn't have finished that blog or the second, and so on. And so, it goes. Every journey, however long it may be, begins with a single step. But you must take that first step.

Once you do, each step takes you closer and closer to your goal. Sometimes, when you consider taking on a new venture whether it's raising a child, writing a book, owning a new car, beginning a savings plan, or anything else--the task can seem overwhelming. It's as though you'll never be able to arrive at your destination as if the first step isn't going to help. When you look too far out toward the horizon, it can seem too difficult. You might even wonder where to begin.

The trick to success sounds very simple because it is very simple: Just begin. Take a single step, followed by another, and then another. Don't look too far out into the future, and don't look too far back either. Stay centered in the present moment as best as you can. If you follow this simple plan, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Few more examples

One of my friends received a gift from one of his colleagues when he is done with university,
the complete works of Davinci. That's twenty-six long volumes of material. In volume one was a note from that friend worth sharing here. He wrote: "Becoming educated doesn't happen overnight! education is a lifelong process that happens in short intervals. If you were to read only eight pages a day, for the next seven years, you would be one of the world's most experts on the work of Davinci, and you would get through every page!" Despite not being a huge fan of Davinci, I have always appreciated my friend's message. The same, of course, is true with all ventures.

Begin your journey today
Begin your journey today!

A wealthy friend of mine, worth many millions of dollars, remembers opening his first savings account with his wife over forty years ago at $10. They both laugh when they say, "It's amazing what a little time will do." Had they not decided to start somewhere, their incredible success would never have manifested itself.

Repeatedly, I hear people telling me about the book they are going to write, the savings account they are about to open, a business they are going to start, or the charity they are helping. But, in many instances, these plans and dreams keep getting messages I can share with you, one that I'm certain of is put off until "the conditions are right.” One of the most powerful this: In almost all cases, the conditions you are waiting for will not be significantly different next week or next year.

Stay tuned I will be sharing some quick reads on how to reach your final destination in small step blog series.

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